Dental Restorations: Dental restorations are reparative treatments for teeth. They consist of both white (composite), silver fillings (amalgam). These reparative materials help to fill up the cavity once its cleaned out and by having these fillings, teeth are restored to stable condition and free from bacteria.

Advanced Dental Restorations: These are porcelain and all ceramic crowns. Crowns are important to protect teeth when the tooth is heavily decayed or broken down. These crowns help to hold the tooth together in one solid state and help to maintain a cavity free shell for the tooth.

Periodontal therapy: Periodontal therapy consists of deep cleaning (scale and root planning) and regular cleaning of teeth (prophys). Regular cleanings, also known as prophys are important especially every 6 months because a hygienist or the dentist may clean your teeth in areas that are hard to reach with a tooth brush. A deep cleaning is indicated when the gums are inflamed or diseased.

Dental xray of teethDental Surgery
: Extractions or pulling of teeth services are offered. Extractions of teeth are often needed when a tooth cannot be restored and if the decayed tooth is giving the patient a lot of pain.

Pedodontic Dentistry: Dr. Chen is well versed in treating kids. Dr. Chen offers children’s dental restorations, crowns, and extractions. He also can make space maintainers and flippers for children to maintain the spaces for children’s teeth so that their teeth do not move out of place or proper position.

Advanced Prosthodontic Dentistry: Dr. Chen also can provide patients with dentures and partials. Dentures and partials replace missing teeth so that patients can still chew their foods and maintain a nice smile.

Endodontics: Root Canal Therapy is when the nerve of the tooth becomes inflamed or deadened. Once a root nerve is deadened or inflamed, it often may cause pain for the patient due to infection. A root canal therapy removes the nerves of the root so that infection does not continue to occur. Often a tooth that has been treated with a root canal treatment; it often requires a crown afterwards to maintain the integrity of the tooth since the tooth will become brittle after it is nerveless.

TMJ Splints: Splints are needed when a person grinds or clenches his or her teeth. Often the splint or “night guard” is used so that the patient will not grind their teeth. Grinding and clenching of teeth will destroy and crack teeth.

Mouth Guards: Mouth guards are used when a person plays sports or participates in outdoor rigorous activities. A mouth guard will help to protect and reduce impact to the teeth when trauma occurs.

Tooth whitening